The FACULTY is an international multi-disciplined professional learned institution.

As a prospective member, we invite you to consider membership within the FACULTY and to develop your professional career while maintaining your relationship within the FACULTY through your membership. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about us or to consider membership or registration within the FACULTY. Those with qualifications, certificates, diplomas or degrees and suitable training, experience and career related employment are most welcome to apply. Our mission statement states that we are a non-discriminating organization, which admits applicants to the most appropriate grade of membership applicable to each individual case. Qualifications obtained through any legitimate establishment, or locally under the same conditions as well as acceptable training and suitable career experience will form the basis of each application, to be considered by the Examination Committee for admission to the various grades of membership.

The FACULTY offers membership to individuals, organizations, establishments and business ventures by offering them either patron or institutional membership status worldwide. Applicants are admitted into either the Technological Chapter or Managerial Chapter of the FACULTY, which are the general membership divisions within the FACULTY. Suitably qualified members are invited to join various sub-divisions such as the MBA and Professional Managers Guild, the International Institute of Engineers (IIE), the International Institute of Scientists (IIS), the International Institute of Architects (IIA) and the Guild of International Academics (IGA), and the International Guild of Secretaries and Office Administrators (IGSAdm). Membership within these sub-divisions is open to corporate members all over the world.

The FACULTY is structured into three main sections, i.e., a membership division, registration or certification division and an educational division.  Members may qualify for upgrading to obtain corporate membership by studying approved educational courses locally or internationally. Alternatively, by completing one of our professional development or shorter course programs, which qualify them for corporate membership, registration and where applicable – certification. Qualified members may register through the FACULTY as registered or certified individuals in many career fields of endeavor and are included into the international register of professionals.

As a member you will have the opportunity to voice yourself within our member’s area hosted on our website as well as sharing in the resources and information only available to our members within the member’s only area. FACULTY related literature, newsletters and regular up-dates about trends and developments are likewise available or sent to members from time to time.

The FACULTY has several membership and academic agreements with international professional learned institutions and education providers. These are listed on the enclosed brochure for your convenience and perusal.

  • The prospects of professional career recognition at the various grades from Student Member for studying students or Corporate grades of membership in the technological world by receiving all the usual information normally available to corporate members such as joining a member forum, exchange of technical information, new technological developments, further studies, newsletters and similar printed matter, attend seminars and professional academic meetings, meet or have access to academic and highly trained professionals. Have access to information on further career development. Join several other international professional learned institutions via the FACULTY. Have access to information for further studies.
  • Upgrade from student or membership from junior grade to corporate grade depending on your age, experience and academic attainments after the completion of your Certificate, Diploma or degree program with all the above benefits applicable to members also for student members. For those with previously completed studies obtained elsewhere from recognized academic institutions, the prospects of receiving a higher grade of membership will depend on the assessment of your academic, career and professional work related information.
  • The prospects of studying FACULTY professional development approved programs or transfer at the undergraduate level or postgraduate level shall be evaluated as meeting the requirements under the USA laws for professional career providers.
  • The prospects to transfer in all your prior learning achievements and to convert your acceptable recognized credentials as well as prior learning attainments into academic credit for further studies under the USA laws as equivalent to regionally accredited university education based on the required rules and regulations becomes a reality for FACULTY members.
  • The prospects of career advancement through appropriate further studies and qualify to be submitted into the various FACULTY specialist subdivisions such as the International Institute of Engineers (IIE) and similar divisions provided the minimum requirements have been met becomes a possibility.
  • The prospects of career advancement by means of recommendation by the FACULTY to the FACULTY of Professional Engineers for registration (for engineers) or similar cooperating bodies for other disciplines are accordingly provided the minimum academic, experience, training and career related requirements have been met.

Suitably qualified FACULTY members may also apply to those officially listed professional learned institutions via the FACULTY for membership based on the reciprocal agreements between the FACULTY and these institutions.

Non-Corporate Grades (both chapters)

Student Member               No Designation

Affiliate Member – AffFTMAS

Associate – AFTMAS

Corporate Grades – Managerial Chapter

Associate Member – AMFTMAS

Graduate Member – GradFTMAS

Member               – MFTMAS

Senior Member – SMFTMAS

Fellow – FFTMAS

Professional Member – Pr FTechMAS

Corporate Grades – Technological Chapter

Associate Member – AMFTechMAS

Graduate Member – GradFTechMAS

Member – MFTechMAS

Senior Member – SMFTechMAS

Fellow – FFTechMAS

Professional Member – Pr FTechMAS

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