After admission has been granted, a selection of the courses below will allow students to complete a graduate diploma. Completion of all subjects are required for an award. In most cases, completion of the studied subjects will give students the academic equivalency to apply for credit transfer into a doctoral degree program provided they have the correct subject balance based on degree requirements. The completion of a thesis – dissertation will be a requirement at the doctoral degree level. Details will be provided as well as instructions to write your research work.



Completion of all subject is required more can be taken as required, please select any ten subjects from the list below


ALTERNATIVE AWARD: A Higher Diploma can be awarded by collaborating universities usually these awards are regarded high level intellectual academic work and of great academic value as testimonial evidence of high level academic work at the doctoral degree level from practicing scientists in the execution of their research in an academic capacity usually undertaken by such scholars.


Selected Topics in Fisheries and Marine Science, or

Specified research area in any of the areas listed below to be selected by Student to be approved by Faculty Advisor:


Science and its Role in the National Fishing Industry

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Research

Emerging Technologies to Benefit Farmers in Africa and Asia

Fisheries Technology of Developing Countries

Aquaculture Culture Research

Marine Aquaculture

Sustaining Marine Fisheries

Improving Fish Stock Assessments

National Policies on Fishing Quotas

Fisheries Stock Assessments

Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems

Science and its Role in National Marine Service

Managing Marine Fishers Data Collection Research

Research Methods

Research Methodology

Statistical Probability and Related Analysis

Quality Planning and Analysis

Data Mining


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January 28, 2017

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