This course has been designed to provide a comprehensive training in mechanical engineering and design. When a new design of machine appears it is because someone had the conception of a device required to accomplish some particular purpose. From the conception in somebody’s mind, there follows a study of the arrangements of parts and their geometric, kinematics relationship to one another. Most designs are the result of various compromises, because apart from any other factors, a combination of scientific knowledge and experience is applied.

Entrance Level

The program starts from first principles and it is required that persons with a mathematical background will have an added advantage to study the program. At least some exposure to high school level education is required to be able to successfully complete the program.

Enrollment requirements

The usual application procedures must be observed. There are no other needs except that students should have access to a computer and they will be required to be computer literate at least capable to use a computer to be able to send and receive mail and to open attachment as well as using application software to open textbooks, prepare assignments. Where they do not have any Internet facilities, the usage of a computer is till compulsory but they can mail assignments or contact there agent to be able to study the program.

Credits and exemptions

Credits are indicated for each tertiary level subject as well as exemptions appropriately marked where applicable for each subject.

Program format

Part A:

Technical Mathematics

Mathematics I *

Mechanics *

Strength of Materials *

Engineering Drawing *

Machine Drawing *

Engineering Design Philosophy *

Part B:

Fluid Mechanics I *

Finite Element Analysis *

Simulation and Modeling *

Engineering Materials *

Kinematics of Machines *

Machine Design *

Part C: select any two courses from –

Internal Combustion Machines *

Mechanical Systems Design *

Applied Thermodynamics *

Hydraulic Machines*

Optimization of Fluid Machinery *

Heat Transfer *

Turbo-Machine Design *

Outcomes and program level

The program starts at the senior high school level and advances to the first year beyond high school diploma. It is equivalent to a High School + three years tertiary study in the appropriate field.


FACULTY Diploma and Transcript


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January 19, 2017

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