After admission has been granted, a selection of the courses below will allow students to complete a graduate diploma. A minimum of eight subjects are required for an award. In most cases, completing between twelfth to fourteen subjects will give students all the academic equivalency to apply for credit transfer into a master degree program provided they have the correct subject balance based on degree requirements. The completion of a thesis/will be a requirement also at the doctoral degree level. It is a specific requirement for master and doctoral degrees. Details will be provided as well as instructions to write your research work.


Completion of a minimum of eight subject is required more can be taken as required, please select any ten subjects from the list below

Strategic Management

Quantitative Methods

Project Assessment & Management

Infrastructure Financing

Risk Management

Project Management

Project and Contract Management

Information Systems in Project Management

Decision and Risk Analysis for Project Management

Operations Management

Organization Development

Organization Theory & Design

Manufacturing Management

Production Management

Research Methodology

Data Mining


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January 27, 2017

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