After admission has been granted, a selection of the courses below will allow students to complete a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma. A minimum of ten subjects are required for a certificate, for a diploma at least twenty subject and advanced diploma a minimum of thirty subjects are required. In most cases, completing between thirty to fourty subjects will give students all the academic equivalency to apply for credit transfer into a degree program provided they have the correct subject balance at the lower and upper degree levels. In some cases the completion of a thesis/will be a requirement also at the bachelor degree level. It is a specific requirement for master and doctoral degrees. Details will be provided as well as instructions to write your research work.


Please select any ten subjects from the list below


In addition to the certificate (ten subjects minimum), please select any ten subjects from the list below


In addition to the certificate and diploma (20 subjects minimum), please select any ten subjects from the list below

English I (English Composition)

English II (Composition in Business)

Effective Communication

Principles of Management

Information Management

Time Management

Team Management

Leadership in World Polities

International Relations Theory

Understanding International Relations

Computers and Information


Principles of Sociology

Business Statistics I

Effective Media Relations

International Relations


Social Psychology

Cultural Studies in Sociology

Sociology and Ethicality

Ethics in Sociology

Sociology of law

Sociology and Health Issues

Historical Sociology

Religious Behavior in Society

Analytical Sociology

Theory of Anthropology

Culture Family Sec and Society

Sociology and Gender issues

Social Rules and Public Issues

Sociology and the Military

Cultural Geography

Improving Efficiency

Effective Writing Skills

Stress Management at Work

Sociology and Progress

Essentials of Social Research

Social and Cultural Anthropology

Modern Sociology

Sociology Theory

Practice of Cultural Studies

Managing Cultural Differences

Sociological Structural Change

Sociological Change and Development


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January 24, 2017

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