A special subsection applicable to both the Technological and Managerial sub-divisions of the Society. By definition, an Academician shall be any person who has an appointment as a lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, adjunct professor, professor or any person engaged in the affairs of universities, colleges, institutes and associated educational establishments. Individuals should be suitably qualified as professional and be able to prove their appointments. Appointments shall be from any establishment provided it is a legitimate and recognized.

The following shall apply for those who wish to be admitted:

  • Application shall be by means of the usual form applicable to interest groups. Non-Faculty members shall pay to the Faculty the usual fees applicable revised from time to time.
  • Faculty members will be admitted based on their information given on the completed application form and on verification of their appointment as an academic professional.
  • Applicant’s appointments with educational institutions must be active and current. Applicants in any field of endeavour may apply for admission and Faculty certification.
  • Entitled to use the designation appropriate to their category of certification.
  • Responsible for the settlement of any dues such as club fees or any specific fees applicable to them as local or overseas members applicable to the grade and certification they are authorized to make use of.
  • Entitled to a separate certificate in the usual form applicable to Faculty certification bearing the name, category and field(s) of competence.
  • The Guild shall have its own logo and function under the same constitution and bye-laws of the Faculty. The appointed Council and Examination Committee of the Faculty shall manage the affairs of this Sub-section.
  • Guild members shall be admitted on a global basis without discrimination in any part of the world. They will be entitled to join Interest groups applicable to their particular background and eligible to share in the activities of this interest group/clubs provided they are paid-up members in good standing.
  • The usual benefits applicable to members in any of the chapters will be available to them as members in good standing.
  • The Examination Committee may recommend to the Council to bestow suitable status to outstanding individuals and recommend them be admitted within this Sub-section.
  • Grades of certification shall be:
  • Lecturing staff in various fields of endeavour Professional Lecturer       Pr L IGA (FTMAS)
  • Professors, heads of faculty, etc Professional Member       Pr M IGA (FTMAS)
  • Rectors, Presidents and Principals of educational establishments Fellow   Pr F IGA (FTMAS)

Where applicable members shall be entitled, to their own Representative to represent them on special forums, conferences, functions or meetings. Members may be elected as serving members in any geo-graphical area or be elected as Co-opted members. Co-opted members in any region recognized by the Faculty will be responsible for the appointment of office bearers to assist in the management of the affairs of this Sub-section.